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Hoppy Easter Blog Hop!

No virtual bunnies for me this year, but lots of writing this weekend again. Re-blogging my Easter Bunny story since I don’t have a new short Easter story this year. I can’t believe it was three years ago this was written.

The contests at the bottom are long since done, but AE Via is running a current one here this month so you can enter that one instead. 🙂

L.M. Brown

Hello and welcome to the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop!
Spring is well and truly in the air now that Easter is here.   I will be spending most of the Easter weekend writing, since those four days in a row are the longest stretch of writing time I have had since Christmas.  My goal for the long weekend is to finish up one of my short stories in between hunting for virtual bunnies like the ones below. 
A Midnight Date with the Easter Bunny by L.M. Brown
A male/male short story (PG rated)

“At it like rabbits they were, all night.  You should’ve heard them.”

Bartholomew wondered what rabbits the man was talking about.  He certainly wasn’t getting any these days, and from what he could see neither were his fellow prisoners.  He couldn’t speak for the others, but he knew he only had himself to blame for his own predicament.

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