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New Covers & G-Force Updates

If you are following me on Facebook, you have probably already seen these,  but here are two new covers for upcoming stories.

The first is for Soul Magic.  This was a pre-made cover that went up for sale by Natasha Snow in one of her events, and I had to snap it up.  I was lucky that no one beat me to it, because her sales often result in covers selling in seconds – like they are already sold before my page has finished loading – but no one seemed to want this one, perhaps because it is a very specialist/niche genre.  Which lucky for me is what I write.

Soul Magic is going to be a story of three sets of soul mates who come together in a magical coven with lots of magic and sexy shenanigans.

I am aiming to get this one released in the summer, though it isn’t finished yet, so it will likely be late summer.  It is a full length stand-alone novel.

Second up for new covers is the cover for the revised, extended, and re-edited version of The Other Man.   This cover is by Lex Valentine at Winterheart Design and has a totally different feel to it than my other covers.  Which is a good thing since this story is far from my usual ilk, which generally go towards the sweet and fluffy.

This book is hopefully going to be re-released next weekend, Amazon behaving and my own procrastination habits permitting.

The one question people ask when it comes to re-releases is, is it worth purchasing if I have the original book?  Well, if you hated the original, and a lot of people did, then no, you won’t like this one either because the crux of the story is the same.

However, if you enjoyed the story, you may like the extended version as it is very extended.  The original story was something like 12,000 words.  It is now 57,000 words, so much longer than it was.

The story now begins when Simon and Jeremy meet and includes many of the scenes previously only mentioned in the short story.

For more information on both of the books, I have now added pages to the upcoming menu on this site.

In the meantime, if you have not already seen, books two and three of the multi-author G-Force Federation series are now released.  Links to all three are below.

Space Fox

Dominic’s Star

Goliath’s Mate