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Beware of the Pussy

It seems that the MM writing community can’t manage to go more than a few weeks without one drama or another and once again it seems that the MPreg genre is up for debate again.

I am mostly staying out of it, rolling my eyes, and remembering that I don’t have to justify what I read or what I write to anyone else.

I did, however, see something among the various posts/blogs/rants in this latest drama that I want to share my thoughts on.

Apparently readers of the gay romance genre won’t read a book that contains female parts, i.e. a vagina or pussy (hence the title of the blog).



Gee, I wish someone had told me that before I wrote my first MPreg.  If only I had known how much readers were going to hate what I did for my first foray into the genre.

Oh, but wait a minute – this is my latest release that is doing a LOT better than all my other stories have in recent years.

It hasn’t been getting a lot of reviews, but the ones it has have been positive and I have yet to hear from anyone screaming STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK – IT HAS PUSSY IN IT!!!!!!!

My MPreg story, LOVING KIT is a alien/futuristic MPreg and a MMM story.

Kit, the MALE character who becomes pregnant in the story has (OMG THE HORROR!) a vagina as well as a cock, both in full working order, making him by definition a hermaphrodite.

In the context of the book/series, Kit is of a species of aliens who are either male, female or dual-gendered.  Those who are dual-gendered are born with both a vagina and a cock and only when they reach puberty do they find out whether they are male or female dominant.

Both male and female dominant dual-gendered aliens have the ability to become pregnant.  For the males, their female hormones take over and they are able to carry their babies, give birth naturally, and breast-feed their young.

And yes, I had Kit do all of this, as well as have plenty of sex with his two male lovers that involved his vagina and breasts.

If only someone had told me that there was some unwritten rule that says that female parts are prohibited before I wrote this – or book two (that is in my publisher’s inbox) or book three (that is nearing completion).

I will continue to write the characters I want.  If the idea of my dual-gendered aliens repulses you, then my MPreg books are probably not for you.  And that is ABSOLUTELY FINE.  Because NO ONE has the right to tell other people what they can and cannot enjoy reading.