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Q is for Quests

What is a fairy tale without a good quest?

Of the three books of my Fairy Tales for All series, two of them have very strong quest themes.

Let Down Your Hair has a quest for Prince Aiden, the densest fairy tale prince that ever walked the earth. His mission is simple, rescue the maiden, make her his bride, and live happily ever after.

How hard can it be?

For a short-sighted prince, who is stubbornly set on his course, it can be quite difficult, especially when the damsel in distress is a cross-dressing painter who has no intention of becoming anyone’s bride.

In Destiny & Dragons things got even more off course for Lord Marcus. His quest is to rescue a princess, preferably a rich one, from a dragon, and secure his family’s fortunes by marrying her.

Things quickly go off course when Marcus finds himself rescuing the dragon instead of the princess, and falling in love with the penniless, homeless young man.

Quests are not as easy as they might seem for my characters.