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R is for Romance

Who doesn’t love a good romance? If you don’t then I am not sure what you are doing here on this blog, but feel free to look around while you’re here.

My characters don’t tend to bother with dinners by candlelight or big romantic gestures. They are probably amongst some of the least romantic characters in the genre.

My characters aren’t always the most romantic, but they do have their moments. Here is one of my favourites from Shifting Currents.

Fabian plucked a flower from one of the nearby plants and sniffed it. “Here, for you.” He held it toward Delwyn.

“I can’t touch it,” Delwyn reminded him. “I’ve no more substance here than a shadow.”

Fabian smiled and tucked the bloom into the belt of his robes. “Then I’ll keep it for you.”


This is later followed by another scene with the same flowers which probably sums up my characters’ attitudes to romantic gestures.


As they neared the volcano, vegetation became sparse and the sulfur in the air thickened. Delwyn spied a small patch of rainbow flowers and was reminded of the one Fabian had given him when he didn’t have a corporeal body to take it from his hand.

Fabian seemed to remember it, too, and he bent to pick two of the blooms. “Here you go,” he said as he passed him one.

“You don’t have to keep giving me flowers,” Delwyn said, though he took the offering with a smile. “I’m not a mermaid, you know.”

Fabian laughed. “I had noticed. This time, however, I was thinking a little more practically. Sniff it.”

Delwyn raised the flower to his face and took a small breath. The floral scent was strong enough to almost mask the stench of the sulfur. He took a deeper sniff and when he did he couldn’t smell the volcano at all.


Yes, my boys are not exactly overflowing with romance, and when they are, they certainly won’t admit it. Take Scott from One Perfect Wish in this scene. The lengths he will go to in order to hide his romantic nature.

Cameron, who apparently didn’t like to see idle hands, put Scott to work on setting the table in between bouts of taste-testing the sauce.

Scott, who had never set a table in his life, went to town in the dining room. He found an embroidered table cloth, which vaguely resembled one his grandmother had owned, together with place mats, napkins and candlesticks.

When Cameron popped his head in to see how he was getting on he was rendered speechless.

“Impressed?” Scott asked as he lit the last of the candles.

“How is it I didn’t realise my husband is secretly a romantic?” Cameron asked as he approached him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“It’s a closely guarded secret,” Scott whispered. “And if you tell a soul, I’ll deny this ever happened.”


They may not say it or even show it, but my boys do have ways of making sure the ones they love know how much they care, even without the big romantic gestures.