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N is for Nick

Nick is one of my forgotten heroes. My short stories never seen to get the same amount of love as my longer ones and I suspect he has been largely forgotten by my readers by now since his story came out a number of years ago.

A sweet Valentine’s Day story about a wrong number leading to Mr Right, Nick is the recipient of the wrong number and receives some rather interesting messages on his answering machine from Connor, who thinks he is leaving them on his boyfriend’s machine.

Here is a snippet from the story.

No more messages came through for Alan during the next week and Nick began to suspect the mix-up over the telephone number had been resolved. Perhaps Alan had called him and Connor had asked him why he’d not returned his calls. From that point it would be easy to work out what had happened. Still, he couldn’t help wondering if Connor was okay and he found himself missing the cheerful greeting of ‘Hey, baby’ from the soft-spoken man on the other end of the line.

Then came a new sort of message.

“Hey, baby. I guess I missed you again. I’ve been thinking about what you said when you called me the other night. I suppose if we can’t be together in person then maybe phone sex could be good.”

Nick drew in a sharp breath. Surely Connor wasn’t going to leave that sort of message on his machine? No, he’d wait until he and Alan were on the phone at the same time. Turning each other on when you were apart was rather the point of phone sex, after all. Unfortunately, it seemed Connor had missed the memo about how phone sex worked.

“I get so hard thinking about the last time we were together. I could feel you in my arse for days afterwards. I miss you in my bed. I can still taste your lips, smell your cologne, feel your touch. Alan, I miss you so much, ba-by!”

Nick quickly hit the stop button. No, Connor definitely hadn’t got the phone sex memo. He felt like a voyeur, listening in on a private conversation between two lovers. Connor’s voice as he came—and Nick had heard enough men coming to know he had—still echoed in his ears.