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M is for Menage

If two men together is good, three is better right?

But did you know that of all my menage stories, only one started out that way?

Back at A for Angels I mentioned that the Heavenly Sins trilogy started out as a short story about a man torn between an angel and a demon. At least it did until the angel decided he had strong feelings for the demon too and raised the idea of a menage.

Forbidden Waters didn’t begin life as a menage either. This one actually started out as a young adult adventure story, morphed into a MM romance, and finally a menage when it was clear that Jake and Kyle could not keep their hands off each other while Kyle was in exile.

The only one that did start out life as a menage was The Other Man that is (hopefully) soon going to be available again in an extended version of the story. It is written and came in at just over 51,000 words, which is quite a leap from the initial story that was somewhere around 12,000 words if I recall correctly.

If you like three men in your stories then watch this space for news on the re-release of The Other Man.

And here is a sneak peek at an unedited brand new scene from the extended version of The Other Man. This is from the start of the scene where Jeremy’s parents are about to pay a visit to the cottage for the first time.


“They’re on the way over here,” Jeremy said, the panic returning to his eyes as his gazed flitted around the room.

“You told them about us?” Simon could barely contain his surprise or his glee.

Why hadn’t Jeremy told him he planned on coming out to his parents? He kissed Jeremy on the cheek and squeezed his hand. “I’m so proud of you. How did they take it?”


“Coming out,” Simon said. “How did they react? What did they say?”

Jeremy gave him a look he normally reserved for Rebel when the mutt was doing something stupid. “I’ve not told them I’m gay. Are you crazy?”

“But you said they were on the way over.”

“They are! You have to help me.”

“Help you what?” Simon pushed aside the disappointment that Jeremy hadn’t told his parents he was gay and had been living with a man for the last few months. They had wanted to come and see him back in July, after Jeremy had settled into his new home, but Jeremy had successfully put them off, telling them that he had to prepare for his trip to New York in August. Now he had returned, it seemed the visit could no longer be postponed.

“Get the place ready for them, of course.”

Simon studied the living room with a critical eye. “It’s not too bad. We just need to put those shirts in the laundry and take the dirty dishes from lunch into the kitchen. How long until they get here?”

“Simon, are you being deliberately dense? This place is in no way ready for my parents.”

“Unless your mother Elizabeth is actually the queen and you’re some well-kept secret of the royal family, it’s perfectly fine.”

Jeremy checked his watch. “Sunday afternoon traffic is sure to be quiet. If they left right away they could be here in thirty minutes.”


Jeremy ran to the fireplace and started taking down the photos on the mantel.

“So?” he echoed sarcastically. “Simon, they don’t know I’m gay, so what are they going to think when they see photos of me and my boyfriend on display?”

Simon looked at the picture of the two of them, taken in the Lake District during their first holiday together, which Jeremy was currently waving in his face. “It’s not that incriminating. We could be brothers, or just mates. It’s not like it was taken at Pride.”

“That’s not the point,” Jeremy said as he grabbed the rest of the photos, most of members of Simon’s family, and thrust them at Simon. “Go hide them in the bedroom. But don’t put them on display, my mum will want a tour of the place.”

Simon rolled his eyes, but did as Jeremy suggested. Far be it for him to try to force Jeremy out of the closet, but this did seem a little extreme. Besides, he had yet to meet the elder Mr Burroughs and his wife. What if they were homophobic bigots? Who could blame Jeremy for wanting to keep his sexuality secret if that were the case?

When he returned to the living room, Jeremy was pulling DVDs from the shelf and tossing them onto the sofa.

“Do I even want to know?” Simon asked.

“We can’t have anything gay around the house,” Jeremy explained.

Simon picked up the DVD on the top and shook his head. “I could understand if you were trying to hide the gay porn, but my collection of musicals?”

“Fuck!” Jeremy jumped up and went to another cupboard. “I totally forgot about the porn.”

Simon gathered up the DVDs and took them into the bedroom as well. Thank goodness he had plenty of cupboard space. He just hoped Jeremy’s mother didn’t decide to snoop inside them.

Back in the living room, Jeremy had finished with the DVDs and had turned his attention to the bookshelf.

“What are you expecting to find on there?” Simon asked. “It’s mostly murder mysteries and a few classics.”

“I don’t read the classics,” Jeremy replied as he pulled a couple of books from the shelf. “My parents know that.”

Simon suddenly realised that Jeremy had no intention of telling his parents he was living with Simon at all, not even as a roommate. He clearly intended, in the space of thirty minutes, to erase all traces of Simon from his own home.

He picked up the removed books and shoved them back into their places. “If they actually bother to check out your reading material, you can tell them you’re broadening your horizons.”

Jeremy opened his mouth as if to argue, but Simon forestalled him with his best icy glare.

“And what are you planning on telling them about me?” Simon asked.

Jeremy gaped at him, his mouth opening and closing like a goldfish.

“Or would you like me to hide in the cupboard too?”