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L is for Love

Well, really, what else could it be for in this collection?

My stories are all about falling in love, even if some of my characters seems to have a little trouble figuring it out.

Here are some of the declarations of love from my characters … but who said what? Yes, let’s make it a game this week and see if you can guess who is declaring love to who. There isn’t one from all my stories since there are some where you simply won’t have clues to guess, not to mention a lot who never actually manage to say the words out loud.


“I love you. I have ever since the first day I caught you spying on me. I should have told you, and I’m sorry I didn’t. I want no other in my bed.”


“I love you despite the tendency you have to open your mouth and say something stupid.”


“You’re going to make me say the words, aren’t you?”

“Say what?”

“I love you, you infuriating merman.”


“Foolish witch. After all you’ve learnt about me this last year, didn’t you realise how much I love you?”


“I want you with me forever, and it would be so easy for me to just let you do this. But I’d feel guilty for being the reason you gave up your life, and you’d eventually come to resent me for the same reason. I love you. I love you so much.”


The answers are to which books these declarations are in are in the tags.  Did you get them right?

Yes, some of my characters who actually manage to get the words out aren’t the most romantic in their declarations.