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Update on Fireborn Titles and Other News

I am working hard to get things sorted out for the re-release of my Fireborn Publishing titles in a timely manner.

Touch of a Ghost, like I said in my last post, should be a fairly straight forward process since I already owned the cover and it is just a question of formatting the file.  All being well, this one should be back up at Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited within the next couple of weeks.

The next one that is likely to be re-released fairly quickly is Always Forgotten.  I managed to find a great pre-made cover for it at Studioenp and, like the above book, it is just a question of my finding the time to format it.

It is a question of fitting it in around formatting Finding Trix.  With Trix’s story scheduled for release on 15 June, and with promotions booked for it already, that one has to take priority.

Hopefully Always Forgotten will be out again in a couple of weeks though.

Emmy’s gorgeous cover is here.  Thank you as always for your fantastic work.

Emmy is also going to be doing some custom covers for me.

In June she is going to be doing a trio of covers for my fairy tale stories, in a completely different style this time.  I am aiming to get all three of them out again by the end of June.

Emmy is also going to be doing a custom cover for Hey, Baby, as I wasn’t able to find a pre-made cover that really spoke to me for that story.  Again, I hope to have the book out by the end of June.

The final story is Loving Kit and I am in the process of making enquiries about purchasing the rights for the original cover and hope to have news about that soon.  I am still hoping I can get it out there again before Trix is released.

And amidst all the re-releases, and before Trix comes out, don’t forget I have another new release too.  The final Merman & Magic story, Treacherous Seas is released on 11th June.

The next month is going to be very busy.

There will also be another new cover to show off some time in June for a sweet short Christmas story that is going to be coming out in December.  Sleigh Duty is a brand new shifter story and will be releasing around the same time as Someone Like You (a former Christmas release) is re-released.