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Fool For Love #wedbriefs #mmromance #gay #freeread

The Midnight Swimmer has not been forgotten.  But the April Fools prompt generated a bunny too irresistible to ignore.

wedbriefsmedFool for Love (MM Contemporary)

April the first, also known as April Fools Day, was one of Liam’s favourite days to work. The previous year it had fallen on a Sunday and had been something of a disappointment. On working days, however, his normally fairly quiet office turned into a building full of pranksters. You had to check every chair before you sat down as well as ensuring you didn’t leave any unattended mugs of coffee around. Fake spiders in the bottom of them were common place, as were other equally delightful surprises. Even the IT department joined in on the fun with various computer tricks designed to frustrate and amuse.

Everyone owned up to their pranks, save for whoever had put a fake car clamp on the boss’s Jaguar three years ago, and the supervisors turned a blind eye to the annual silliness.

One of the biggest pranksters was Blake, a technical wizard, with a dry sense of humour and Liam’s secret crush for the last five years. Unfortunately for Liam, Blake was definitely straight and thanks to his dark good looks he was never short of female company. It didn’t stop Liam from occasionally daydreaming about the man.

Liam arrived in an office a few minutes later than usual to find the hilarity already underway. At the centre of things was Becky, a newer member of staff, and someone who clearly hadn’t expected to find half a dozen live frogs in her desk drawer.

Mark, the usual culprit when it came to living creatures finding their way into unusual places, was holding his sides as he roared with laughter.

Liam chuckled along with everyone else and cautiously checked his own cubicle for any small visitors, thankfully finding none.

The morning progressed with the usual laughing and joking until about half ten when Blake arrived on the floor to sort out a genuine computer issue.

“I swear I didn’t cause your monitor to start smoking,” he told a sceptical Rhianna. “The pranks I pull don’t cause fires.”

“Are you sure? This sounds like your sort of stunt to me.”

Blake rolled his eyes. “You obviously haven’t checked your emails this morning.”

“Hell-o! Broken computer,” Rhianna reminded him.

Liam, who blatantly eavesdropped whenever Blake was in the room, realised he hadn’t checked his own yet, quickly skimmed through to find the one from Blake. He found the email and read it eagerly. Even knowing it was a joke, Liam couldn’t help the flutter of excited anticipation when he read Blake’s coming out email. He glanced over at Blake, trying not to stare.

Liam took a few moments to daydream about what it would be like if Blake really had come out this morning and his chances with him had been raised from none to slight. He was still in a world of his own when Blake perched on the end of his desk.

“So, have you checked your emails this morning?” Blake asked with a wide grin.

“Yeah, I’ve skimmed through them.”

“You read the most important one, right?”

Liam laughed. “Yeah, though you know you’re so famous for your pranks no one will believe anything you say this morning?”

Blake grinned. “Did you fall for it?”

“I might have done, for a second or two.” Liam could feel his face heating up and he ducked his head.

Blake nudged him with his foot. “No need to be embarrassed. A few others fell for it too, though like you said, most people don’t believe anything that comes from me today.”

Liam smiled up at Blake. “I know. I should have known better. Anyway, I should get some work done. I’ll see you around.”

Blake didn’t move from his perch.

“Was there something else?” Liam asked.

“Um, you are gay, right?”

“Yes,” Liam replied. It wasn’t a secret and he’d even brought boyfriends to work dos in the past.

“Single?” Blake asked.

“Yes.” Liam wondered where this was going.

“So, do I get a kiss from the most eligible bachelor in the office?” Blake questioned with a rather convincing shy smile. “I’ve seen you watching me and thought you might take me up on the offer.”

Liam’s face heated again. “It would serve you right if I did kiss you.”

“Go ahead,” Blake goaded. “I dare you.”

“Dare? What are you, twelve?”

Blake made a clucking noise and only stopped when Liam pulled him into the kiss he had practically begged for. Knowing this was the only time he would ever get the chance to lock lips with his crush, Liam made the most of it. This was no peck on the lips or closed mouth smooch. He took control of the kiss, sweeping his tongue into Blake’s mouth and stealing his breath for several long, wonderful minutes. His heart raced and he hoped Blake couldn’t feel just how turned on Liam was right now.

When he drew away Blake stared him with wide eyes. “Wow. I don’t know what to say.”

“I believe the words you’re looking for are April Fool.” Liam smiled and nudged him towards the entrance to his cubicle.

Blake shook himself out of his stupor. “Wait a minute, this wasn’t a joke. Why would you think that?”

“Because of your email.”

Blake laughed. “No one believes me. That email wasn’t my prank. The prank was the link to the software update that sends your computer haywire.”

“Oh.” He hadn’t read that one. “Then you’re…”


“But you’ve had girlfriends.”

“None of which I’ve wanted as much as I want you.”

Liam was unconvinced and it must have shown on his face.

“April Fools is only until noon,” Blake reminded him as he walked away. “I’ll be here at five past twelve when I intend to kiss you senseless.”


Liam looked up as Blake reappeared as promised and swept him into his arms.

“Not an April Fool?” Liam asked.

“No, just a fool for love,” Blake replied before fulfilling his earlier promise.

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