The Watcher

The Watcher by L.M. Brown
Previous published as part of the
Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads anthology

A Multi-author M/M anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er, flash fiction. We invite you to take the journey with us!

Have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched? Sometimes, watching can be naughty. And nice. Seven erotic stories from of those who are spied upon, and those who do the spying. You might be surprised to learn who has their eye… on you…


“This anthology is a collection of seven stories, all centering around the concept of voyeurism in one way or another.  They are all very short, but with some interesting concepts in a couple that I wish would be explored more in a longer story.   The watching is done both with and without the knowledge of those being watched.

“My favorite of the seven was The Watcher, the final story.  Nathanael is a very, very rich man who remains hidden after a disfiguring accident.  He owns the hotel he lives in, and has cameras installed in all the public areas.  He finds someone he likes to watch.  This was another one I wish had been a full length story, because his history and the future would be such a great read.” Lucy for Hearts on Fire Reviews.