Holographic Havoc (Short Story)

Holographic Havoc
(A male/male romance set in the relatively near future)


Hayden Knight’s job is simple. All he has to do is sell his father’s latest invention to Tate South, the Acquisitions Manager of the biggest supplier of the best in cutting-edge technology.  The virtual assistant is designed to help the user in all aspects of their life, but Hayden views the holographic helper as nothing but a nuisance.  Keeping his annoyance to himself is relatively easy until a major technical glitch causes Tate to see and hear Hayden’s assistant.

Hayden and Tate are thrown together while they try to figure out what has happened, and the chemistry between them is electric. Hayden soon finds that convincing Tate that he needs a Holo-Assistant isn’t as important to him as persuading him he needs Hayden in his life.

The attraction is mutual and the sparks fly. If only they could get rid of their holographic third wheel.

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“What could it tell me about you?” Tate asked. “Even more personal information than it has on me?”

“Yes,” Hayden replied. “And the longer the assistant is being used, the more information it gathers. I’ve only been testing it for a short time, but I imagine it has quite a bit of dirt on me.”

“Dirt? Do tell.”

Hayden laughed. “Maybe dirt was the wrong word to use.”

“Or the right one,” Tate teased. “Come on, you said this is going to be a long drive, I could use a little entertaining.”

Hayden rolled his eyes. “Randy, please provide information about me that will entertain Tate.”

“Hayden Knight. Age twenty six. Single. No past long term relationships. Sexual health status—clean. Frequent user of multiple gay hook-up apps.”

“Frequent, huh?”

“Not recently,” Hayden muttered.

“Last used one month ago,” Randy clarified.

“So pretty recent,” Tate teased.

“Subscribes to five gay porn websites including one where he once performed oral sex under the name Tybalt.”

Hayden choked.

“Is that true?” Tate asked.


“I’ll take that as a yes?”

“Would Tate like to view the film?” Randy asked.

Hayden groaned. “No, he wouldn’t!”