By Title

A Midnight Date with the Easter Bunny – Paranormal

A Safe Place – Paranormal

Another Way – Young Adult

Anything – Paranormal

Bell, Book & Candle – Young Adult, Paranormal

Borrowed Time – Paranormal

Breaking Free – Contemporary (featuring Billy from Someone Like You)

But Why is there a TREE in the house? (featuring Kyle, Finn & Jake from Forbidden Waters and also Zak from My Boyfriend’s an Alien)

By Any Other Name – Contemporary

Certain Extras – Contemporary

Christmas Shopping – Contemporary

Fool for Love – Contemporary

History – Futuristic

If You Go Down in the Woods Today – Paranormal

Moonlit Date – Young Adult (sequel to Study Date)

Stuck on You – Contemporary

Study Date – Young Adult

Save the Last Dance for Me – Contemporary

The Hard Way – Young Adult

The Painful Truth – Contemporary

The Switch – Contemporary

The T-Shirt – Young Adult

To Feel – Contemporary

Together – Young Adult (sequel to Another Way)

Wash Day – Contemporary

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