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GuestBloggerExperimentals 2: Running Into Zero Tolerance
Released: 27 February 2015
Publisher MLRPress


Running into Zero tolerance was a long time in coming. Every time I started writing it I would suddenly find myself plotting out future books in the series—a total pain in in the arse I can tell you. The more I wanted to write the story the more other thoughts kept jumping in the way and I’d have to jot them all down. I know this happens for most writer so I can’t complain too much… but I will say that I have the whole of the next book #3: Messages From The Dead all set and ready to be written.

To be totally honest, when I wrote the first book in this series #1: Blessed With A Curse I didn’t even know I had written urban fantasy until somebody pointed it out to me in a review—I just wrote—it was supposed to be part of the Mixed Tape Anthology (set in the 80’s or a song from the 80’s—my song was Jim Diamonds: I Should Have Known Better) with MLRPress. The problem was I forgot to add the 80’s at all, and I only mentioned the song in the opening chapter. By the time I had realised I was almost at the end of the story and it was too much of a pain to go back and change everything. Lucky for me Kris J let me pull out of the MTA and submit the series on its own.

I love writing… though editing I could do without (something about me totally sucking at punctuation). I love promoting other people on my blogs and all over social media…I just suck at doing it for myself (I always seem to forget that part is needed). Reviews I think are what they are—one person’s opinion. I say if my stories makes at least one person happy, then all’s good—I achieved what I set out to do.

I know that at the moment I’m not done with this series. I have 6 books planned, but I think maybe there may be more after that to follow. I won’t know until I get to the last book and see if any other characters in the series step forward and put up their hands for their story to be told.


When there’s nowhere left to run—prey you find Zero Tolerance to keep you safe.

While searching for his missing brother Linc O’Hare stumbles across his mate and willingly gets kidnapped to save a man whose name he doesn’t even know. Having his mate live a life of slavery is not on Linc’s to-do list, and he plans to rectify the situation.

Gideon Church knows no other life than the hell he’s been living. Escaping with Linc is the best day of his life—until he realises his whole life has been a lie. With the help of Linc and the inhabitants of Zero Tolerance will Gideon be able to separate the lies from the truth and figure out just who he really is.


Available at MLRPress

Blessed With A Curse
Running Into Zero Tolerance

When Souls Collide
A Different Way Of Seeing

The Crimson Grimoire
Blood To Blood

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken
Living In Shadows
You Make Me Die In Pieces
(Coming Soon)

Angels On Top
Hunting For Clay
Dancing With Demons

Bush Bashin’
Christmastime At Papa Lee’s
Storming Love: Flash Flood—Adrian & Lockie
(coming Soon—3 April)

Available at Totally Bound Publishing

Family Connections

Available at Fireborn Publishing

Heart-mate, Mine!

Gateway To Kalethia


Shadows On The Heart (Goodreads—DritC 2010)
By The Way (Oz MM Meet 2013)
Trying Not To Love You (Goodreads—DritC 2014)

About N.J. Nielsen

NJ needs to write like she needs to breathe. It’s an addiction that she never intends to find a cure for. When you don’t find NJ writing about the wonderful men in her stories you find her reading work by others who she greatly admires. NJ lives in the SE of Qld, Australia with her family who all encourage her writing career even if she does occasionally call them by her character’s names. NJ thinks that anyone taking the time to read her stuff is totally awesome.

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