Authors Supporting Authors #cockygate

As the train wreck that is Faleena Hopkins’ career implosion continues, here are some authors who are involved in this who I am giving a shout out to in support.

I will link to the US Amazon pages as I suspect most of my readers are on that side of the pond.  I will also try to keep the list updated as best I can. If you spot a link that I have cocked up on then let me know so I can get it fixed.  My email is

Kevin Kneupper

Firstly I am giving a BIG SHOUT OUT to Kevin.  He is a retired IP lawyer in the US who is also a writer.  He has come out of retirement to file a petition to cancel the “cocky” trademark.  He is doing this on his own time and without payment.

You can find his Amazon page here.


The following authors are those who have/had “cocky” in their titles and have either been threatened into changing them, or had them removed by Amazon at Faleena’s request.

Jamila Jasper

Jamila’s Cocky Cowboy is now renamed The Cockiest Cowboy to have ever Cocked and is a bestseller thanks to the support shown to her in the romance community.  She has a lot of other books to choose from too, if cowboys aren’t your cup of tea.

Jamila’s Amazon page

Tara Crescent

Author of The Cocky Series – at least before the series title was stolen from her.  Her cocky books have been taken down by Amazon but she has plenty of others to pick from.

Tara’s Amazon page

Nana Malone

One of the first authors I saw had been contacted by Faleena

ETA I am advised that Mr Cocky was not changed because of this, but that her Cheeky Prince, Cheeky King, and Cheeky Royal books were. Mr Cocky is not longer available for sale at all.

Nana’s Amazon page

Sara Forbes

Sara has been sent one of the cease and desist letters but her book remains on sale with the cocky title at the moment.

Sara’s Amazon page

Kayley Loring

I haven’t seen anything to directly indicate what has happened with Kayley, but her Cocky Nerd book is now renamed Sexy Nerd, and I don’t believe it is a coincidence.

Kayley’s Amazon page

T.L. Smith & Melissa Jane

Their Cocky Fiance book has now been renamed Arrogant Fiance. Again, this cannot be a coincidence.  The audio book is still named Cocky Fiance, highlighting another potential cost impact if the TM were to cover that too.  I can’t find a page for Melissa, but T.L.’s is below.

T.L. Smith’s Amazon page

Claire Kingsley

Also reported to have received a cease and desist letter.  Her book Cocky Roommate books remains available with that title.

Claire’s Amazon page

Adele Hart

Formerly had a book titled My Cocky Cowboy. It is now My Crazy Cowboy.

Adele’s Amazon page


The following authors I have seen listed as impacted by the mess, but have not seen the details.  Click on their names for their Amazon pages.  Some of them have certainly still got their cocky titles listed at the time of posting. It may be they haven’t been contacted (yet) or that they won’t be. Faleena does seem to be picking and choosing who she wants to shut down.

Tessa Thorne

Jules Barnard

Penelope Ward

Vi Keeland

Whitney G

Mallory Crowe

Ashlee Price

Emily Guzman – Book page as I can’t find an author page

Kelly Moore

Sean Ashcroft

J.D. Hawkins

Lane Hart

Misti Murphy

Bella Love-Wins

Juliet Woods

Katie Ford & Sarah May (co-writer without an Amazon page)


There are also cover artists willing to help out any authors who are being forced to change their cover.  If your original cover artist cannot help then do check out these.  There are probably more but these are the ones I have come across.

Victoria Miller

WordSugar Design

Soxational Cover Art

Colbert Creative Design

Fanning Mason


And not forgetting – I did until someone kindly pointed it out – here is the link to Set Sale Studios, who created the font that Faleena is claiming as her own.


Here is the RWA email address for those who have been affected by this. They have NOT at the time of typing hired an IP attorney, but they are collecting information from authors and seeking advice fr0m an attorney.

And for those who are directly affected, stand strong because the writing community has your back. Well, those of us with ethics anyway!

Finally, my thoughts on why this should be something that all writers take notice of.  (Already shared on Twitter so sorry for the repeat if you have already seen it.) 

Why is important for ALL writers?


A sci-fi writer TM’s “space” and “alien”
A fantasy writer TM’s “sword” and “magic”
A mystery writer TMs “murder” and “mystery”

You see where I’m going with this?

This is NOT branding and it impacts ALL writers.

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