Loving Kit Release Day & Giveaway

Loving Kit is released today. Thank you for visiting and sharing in my new book release. Don’t forget to comment to enter the giveaway.

Loving Kit

Logan McRae expected to wake on the spacecraft Mercury, ready to pilot the ship to New Earth. Instead, he finds himself facing two aliens whose help he’ll need if he wants to find his people.

Kit doesn’t know what sort of creature he has accidentally purchased, but it’s definitely male and not completely different from him and his lover, Halor. The language barrier might be a problem, but Kit knows the language of love doesn’t always need words.

Halor has been reluctant to expand his nest, but he’ll do anything to give Kit the happiness he deserves, even invite another man into their bed.

Logan has no idea that Kit isn’t quite like other men until their passion results in unexpected consequences. Now he must choose between his mission and the two men who have given him everything he has ever wanted, as well as things he never dreamed of.


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Kit sat gracefully on the floor and pulled out a handheld holo-projector. He loaded it up with a simple program designed for teaching youngsters how to use its functions. He placed the holo-projector on the floor beside them. The hologram that rose above the device showed the basic menu.

“This is a holo-projector,” Kit explained.

“He can’t understand you,” Halor reminded him.

“I know, but something might be getting through to him.” Kit hit the button for the navigation mode and pointed at the little blinking dot in the middle of the hologram. “This is where we are.”

Logan leaned forward, squinting at the image.

Kit pointed at a small green planet then at himself. “My world. Furyne.”

Logan shook his head and made a sound that could only be described as gibberish. It sounded like Kit’s language, but it wasn’t a proper word.

Halor snickered from his seat. “Yeah, he’s a bright one.”

Kit shot his lover a dirty look and returned to his task. He pointed out various spaceports and planets and tried to show him the border of the forbidden territory Logan’s ship had entered. He wasn’t sure that the male understood much or anything of what he was saying. He pointed at Logan then at the menu items to the side of the star map. “You try.”

Logan frowned but made no move to try to work the holo-projector.

“Maybe it’s too difficult for his species,” Halor suggested.

“I’m not giving up yet,” Kit replied. He hit a button on the menu to return to the main screen. Then he pointed at Logan and the menu again. “Your go.”

Logan finally seemed to get the idea and he generated the star map, just as Kit had done. He pulled up the same map and, following Kit’s example, turned it around to see the various parts of the system. As he got the hang of it, his movements became a little overzealous and the map changed to the neighbouring system. Logan peered at it for a moment then did the same again, moving onto the next, then another. He scrolled through system after system, but barely glanced at most of them. Every now and then he stopped on one or another, took a closer look, then moved on again.

“I think he’s looking for something in particular,” Kit said. “Maybe his home.”

Halor, leaning forward in his seat to get a good look at what they were doing, nodded thoughtfully. “If he is, then he’s from farther away than any of the avian people have been.”

“Or the feline,” Kit added. “He’s a very long way from home.”


“I know, I know,” Kit mumbled. “Don’t get attached to him. I understand.”

Halor sighed. “I suspect my warning is already too late.”

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